2022 : Integrated Abundance

3 min readDec 17, 2021


Has it ever occurred to you that becoming financially free means surrendering your finances to a higher power into administration? No?

What if you could clearly hear God ask: “ Will you allow me to assist you?”

I suppose this will greatly depend on your relationship with God. Your perceptions and beliefs about what God is and isn’t and what God will and will not do for you or with you.

Nonetheless, 2022 is going to require quickly getting used to this idea. And on December 28th Jupiter is moving into Pisces, where Abundance is very much connected to spirituality, and Venus, Goddess of all things beautiful, also exalts in Pisces.

(2+0+2+2) 6 is a Venusian Number, Combining energy of Earthy Taurean Venus and Celestial Venus of Libra, it anchors Celestial pleasures to Earth, so that we can experience and enjoy them with all of our senses, tangible and intangible. Venus rules all things beautiful and luxurious.

How attuned are you with pleasure? How deeply do you trust?

The depth of your trust measures your receptive capacity.

And I don’t mean sitting and waiting for thing to fall into your lap. Trust isn’t inactive. When you go after your goals, you trust that resolution and fulfillment are possible. Does anyone ever go after the opportunities and goals (Jupiter) they don’t wholeheartedly believe (Pisces) in?

Let me break another thing to you: You will not be delivered what you keep pretending you don’t want.

Lying to yourself about your true desires and needs, (Venus) being in dissonance with yourself = self rejecting, for whatever reason, is going to lead you to very big disappointment when it comes to manifestation.

Your Aim must be clear and your hand steady.

You CAN’T manipulate the Universe, by pretending your desires aren’t exactly as they are, however noble or “spiritual” your reasoning may be.

Surrendering your wealth (Venus) into Higher Power (Pisces) management means WORKING WITH Spirit, Universe, God in this area of your life. This, is very hard to do UNTIL you get in terms with the fact that wholesome spirituality doesn’t imply self depriving in matters of financial freedom (Jupiter) and stability.

Universe/God/Spirit/Higher Force WANTS you to fulfill your purpose and it is here to assist you in all ways, including financial support.

It’s about time it made sense that ALL INCLUSIVE Divinity, includes EVERYTHING. Omnipresence is quite literally, by definition, present in all things.

Whenever we disconnect Material things from our concept of Spirituality, we are simultaneously disconnecting Spiritual influence from all of our Earthly matters, because they are yin and yang to each other. Polarizing complements, working as a whole.

Allow Spirit to support you. The misconception was that Spiritual and Material practices are separate and should be kept separate. The truth is, integration will lead us way further, much easier. And we have a LOT to get done.

We need the Wind in our sails. We also need to accept that we don’t know always know the way so we need to trust this Wind to deliver us to the shores of the Promised Land.

Striving and worrying will both be counterproductive, anyways.

And when you’re fully surrendered, energy of money is instantly STRESS FREE.

There’s enough to go around, so let it go around. (Pisces)

Why keep standing in the way?




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