Has it ever occurred to you that becoming financially free means surrendering your finances to a higher power into administration? No?

What if you could clearly hear God ask: “ Will you allow me to assist you?”

I suppose this will greatly depend on your relationship with God. Your perceptions…

One of reasons why it’s so important for me to be all in and out there with songwriting & music, as well as my artwork and my brand in general -

It’s because that’s my way of showing up for my clients.

Showing up for myself, going after my goals…

On a twin flame journey a lot of people want to manipulate the Universe to get their way, drag another person into a relationship — — so they “work on themselves” but given that all that “work” they do is actually coming from wanting to control the outcome, to obtain…

For most people negativity isn’t the issue.

It’s that they respond to negativity with fear that is the issue.

This happens when there’s not enough Trust in the path. Every obstacle or fall seems like a dead end.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Negativity is only a mediator energy, that communicates restriction.

It can…

The main reason why I chose to call my work “holistic” and energy healing “quantum” is because these two terms incorporate more than any individual component into perspective and practice.

Holistic approach not only integrates variety of skills, fields and angles,

but by being so, also treats consciousness as a…

We are taught to be forgiving, but it doesn’t seem to always work out in a way we’d believe it to.

For me this was a groundbreaking moment.

I remember years back, when integration of my anger healed me, made me feel healthier. Poison turns out to be the same.


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