Boundaries in business communication

2 min readApr 16, 2023


After a ton of interactions with people in business, here’s a bit of unsolicited advice, that might be helpful to some of you.

This is how BOUNDARIES work in practice:

1.Don’t privately message a business offer, to people who you haven’t previously interacted with, and who haven’t clearly stated that they are looking to hire someone in your field. It doesn’t matter how amazing your offer is.

2. Don’t make inquiry about someone’s services only to pitch your own offer few moments later. It works like a slap in the face & it will make the best deal in the world look shitty.

3. Asking people about their income is highly inappropriate, even if you have known them forever. It is private information and unless you’re their spouse or accountant — it’s none of your concern.

4.Don’t assume to know their business (or them) better than they do. Most people have their reasons & they have no need in disclosing everything to a stranger they met online 3 min ago.

5. Get to know people and their businesses. Ask why they feel that their current approach is the best thing for their business at this time. Even if they don’t become clients, you may learn something new.

Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash

6. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work and earn well. Making a pitch isn’t rude, but the way a lot of people do it — certainly is.

7. Heal. I see a ton of people stuck in a rejection cycle. Nothing will ever sabotage you like your own subconscious programming. Healing can look like working with a practitioner or as a course in communication. Your pick.

8. Be genuine. You can be a warm hearted person, but you shouldn’t play pretend intimacy with people you hardly know. Relationships take time, even if you “vibe”. (Being genuine means that it’s better and more honest to keep a respectful distance with people who aren’t your actual friends. It’s not “cold”, and you still get to be polite.)

9. If you can’t respect boundaries, you can’t actively show respect to people. Because, they need to see it, in the way you treat them. Relationships aren’t getting build in your head.

10. Being secure in your offer or expertise, doesn’t mean you have to be invasive in your approach. Your relationship with your clients is meant to be a collaborative one. Listening to your prospective clients needs, will affect your delivery.




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