Fear of Negativity

2 min readMar 22, 2021

For most people negativity isn’t the issue.

It’s that they respond to negativity with fear that is the issue.

This happens when there’s not enough Trust in the path. Every obstacle or fall seems like a dead end.

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Negativity is only a mediator energy, that communicates restriction.

It can trigger immediate reaction of self defense, usually defending yourself from failure, from inability to control.

What you hear NO, you feel powerless 99% of the time.

You can’t accept failure, you can’t accept rejection because you take it personally.

You’re afraid that people won’t like you or accept you,
You’re afraid that you’ll be out of work,
You’re afraid a number of consequences that any negative event sets in motion as a chain reaction.
So you cling to your reputation, cling to possessions for sense of security, trying to control what people think of you so you people please, then you compromise on your integrity because you’re no longer honest and you call that maturity and rising above. I’m sure that there’s more to it.

You’re afraid to dissemble that identity construct and the story because you no longer know who you are, and not knowing is terrifying isn’t it?

Who are you without your badges, titles, clever ways, possessions?

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Scary, right?

Isn’t it frustrating fighting this imaginary war instead of just being, without an agenda, without anything to prove, any frame to fit in?

Because if you keep trying to impose your agenda onto the Universe, you are as good as doomed. It’s going to be frustrating AF.

And what if all of those things are in fact burdening and misleading you?

Accept restriction without fear. Acknowledge No. Embrace rejection.

& Be Free.




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