Plutionian and Venusian possessions

2 min readOct 8, 2022


The Axis of Taurus and Scorpio represents the dynamic of Giving and Receiving & also Internal and External wealth.

Although Pluto is representing great wealth, it is Taurean Venus what embodies the Pleasure of Tangible Having, Experiencing the worldly wonders with the physical senses, satisfying craving similarly to having that first bite of your favorite food.

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In Scorpio and the 8th house, we learn to let go of, and this is essential to receiving. However, in Scorpio we let go of Material Possessions, not because they are an illusion, but because of the attachments they create. To possess (Taurus) and to be possessed (Scorpio) go hand in hand. To control is to be controlled. So then, letting go of attachment, is a Plutonian way of releasing control (grasp) in order to attain absolution, through means of individual Willpower. Scorpio is able to perform spiritual surgery upon oneself, just as much it can dissect everything else. The This is why the Plutonian mastery has to do with merging and emerging. The spirit must leave the body on occasion to be rejuvenated, (reincarnated). The pain of overstaying is simply too great, too constraining. To let oneself off the hook is a rite of passage towards catharsis and transformation. Enlightened Sage is a Scorpio who understood that Freedom is a Personal Choice.

The Scorpio Archetype is essentially Not-having, experiencing itself as the energy of constant movement, transition, the in-between of change and rebirth.

So what about Plutonian wealth?

It is known that Plutonian wealth has to do with underground riches. The “mining” of Plutonian detector, x-ray, non-embodiment holds a power from beyond, because it is never attached to one particular anything — nor possessions, nor beliefs, nor any kind of experience. And this, allows it to move towards and away from, to inspect and evaluate a greater range. The process of change is both continuous and thorough.

Once the examination is complete, all that’s left is the mastery of resource management and the wisdom of the higher authority when it comes to essential values.

Pluto liberates the spiritual fire necessary for alchemical process of purification. When everything burns down to ashes, whatever is left is pure Soul Gold.




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