Pluto in Aquarius: Escaping the Mental prison

3 min readApr 16, 2023


With Pluto in Aquarius, there will be a natural progression of re-structuring the “traditional” values.

Except, they aren’t as much traditional, as they are rigid. It’s time to redecorate that Mental prison.

The time of organized religion is coming to pass.

Aquarius and Pluto have the “Great awakener” energy. Saturn is joining Neptune’s Transit in Pisces, dealing with our beliefs and crystalizing Spiritual energy. Jupiter is still in Aries, the Divine Spark has long been rekindled. Uranus in Taurus is sending electric impulses through the roots. These are the MVP’s of collective consciousness, playing the long game.

Formality is forced. It’s a dress-up game. It is an imprint, a coding.

You can enjoy it, if that’s what you choose, but it isn’t obligatory, and you will not be a “bad person” if you choose not to comply.

Most people have felt like there’s something wrong with them, because they were taught that there was, unless they did what was expected/established as the norm.

Well, here comes the new norm.

Human history is a testimony to a liberation that has been happening in waves.

Many people will feel lost without having this structure created for them. They will conflict with anyone who confronts them with their confusion & uncertainty outside of established ways. They are also learning, and there will be a greater wave in which we will all be immersed during Water bearer’s administration of Holy Water.

Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

The cup will be overflowing and we will know what it’s like to drink from the well.

You will find that,

You don’t need to conform to belong,

You don’t need to be repeating slogans or sound like anyone else.

You don’t need to go to church to be in God’s Presence.

You can recognize good, godly and wise people who haven’t been “ordained”. Their energy is absolutely unmistakable.

The energy in Churches is the energy of our own collective & we are all Divine.

Your moral values and compassion are who you have already always been. They don’t need to be instilled as much as uncovered and recognized.

You will no longer fear God’s Love, nor Wrath, nor will this affect your judgement, motivation, or decisions.

Your Faith will not be merely PERFORMATIVE.

It will be lit like a fire in your Heart, that is undeniable and eternal.

To be in God, you must be essentially Free. Your dance movements cannot be choreographed for you. You can walk only in your own footsteps.

If you want to know God, then you must allow God to know you, as you are, not the product of everyone else’s interpretations and narratives. Don’t just replace one outfit with another.

The joy and the gratitude will not be a consequence of guilt. They will be real, substantial.

You are Free to use the scripture (or any holy book) as a guideline, but you will have to tune into yourself to get the meaning. You will not be afraid of your own ability to know what it means. You will not be feared into obedience.

You are now a dancing rebellious child of God, wild, wildly loved and autonomous. You now develop a courage to act as is dictated by your Higher Self. You now develop a courage to unmask yourself.

& Although Pluto Transit to Aquarius will last for two decades, you don’t really have to wait that long to do it. Although, for so many it will be quite challenging and the Time will be required to unfold gently.

There will be a painful process of individuation, since Aquarius is the sign of Humankind, our very own collective — and yet, revolutionary non-conformist — we will be called to uncover (Pluto) all of the ways we’ve Mentally (Air element) conformed/confined to the ideas we were presented with, just to feel like we’re a part of the group.

The King is now, officially, naked.




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