Power of detachment

2 min readJul 28, 2022


Zen philosophy promotes non-attachment because it contains a great deal of power.

One of reasons it is quite this powerful is because once you release your attachments — you also release all fear.

You release your biases, that function based on what you wish to be true.

You release the need to maintain a reputation because you no longer fear loss,

Including and primarily the loss of your identity construct.

You release your possessions and relationships as a security blanket,

And in releasing all of these things and others -

You can no longer be manipulated into anything

and THAT enables you to do the right thing unapologetically

It enables you to speak your mind EXACTLY

Because you no longer fear losing ANYTHING.

This is why most people operate with both hands tied behind their back — because they are attached to their identity construct, reputation — that enables them to navigate within delicate web of social structures, and therefore obtain, consume and possess all sorts of tangible and intangible things.

This is why an average person will rarely do the right thing or tell the full truth.

They are afraid of losing their privileges.

The point is to not be possessed by your possessions. Not to be emotionally manipulated by your relationships. To release all control over your decisions and actions, you must release whatever has influence over them.

The point is to release yourself from all restrictions and experience absolute freedom.




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