Respecting our resources in world of equality

4 min readSep 4, 2019

Questions of equality and equity are always a quest for a more balanced world. For quite the long time we have been living within a collective for which we had to self sacrifice ourselves, in order to gain a sense of belonging. How ironic it is to discard and disown significant aspects of ourselves to gain acceptance? Renounce our greatness for sake of falling into a pile of broken pieces. A world in which we can belong as authentic, autonomous and whole beings seems like too much to ask for.

I am a firm believer in these next few things that I would like to share with you.

I believe that we have been given equal opportunities. I know it’s arguable that people will find a lot of examples on how privilege works in our society.But, ladies and gentlemen, we have already been privileged without exception.

We have equal opportunities for growth, learning and self investment. It doesn’t matter if we are to build ourselves up from zero of from minus a thousand below the margin. We are equals in our opportunities to learn, in our opportunity to choose, and if we are ignorant — then learn from our mistakes, and continuously grow over challenges to make better choices and we go further down that path. Progress is a choice, stagnancy is a choice.

Our power comes from within, and no, this doesn’t mean isolation or rejecting a helping hand.

It means that even when you feel like you have nothing, you are still a someone — and being a someone gives you a life and a choice that is completely autonomous if that’s a right you intend to claim. Life is a privilege, choice is a right — knowing that changes everything. We alone decide what is possible, and what we are capable of. You are not a victim of circumstance, unless you choose to victimize yourself, and make that choice continuously and persistently. This refers to a role you play in your own story.

The absence of your desired reality, is an infinite ocean Potential, a skyscraper if-you-will, and one by one step makes up for a staircase, as you go up and beyond you ever deemed possible. By being ready for every first next step, you make an agreement with discomfort of growing pains, that in that process grows you to rise up to the challenge. Potential is an infinite number of steps, with infinite number of levels and it is up to you entirely, how far up you are determined to go — or even if you would be willing to grow past your comfort zone.

Stop rejecting your blessings for sake of comforting people who have rejected theirs. When it rains let it pour and instead of an umbrella, go out and dance, or better yet, bring your blessing bowl. No one can deny people anything that they haven’t denied to themselves. You get to enjoy what you have, and who you are — completely. Every and each person is your true equal, and they are autonomous to choose any lifestyle, even if it’s not always the most glamorous one.

Keep in mind,

The difficulty of any challenge or a goal, only depends on your handling ability. Buying power is the same. Everything is either expensive or affordable relatively to your budget. A problem is easy or difficult relatively to your skills and knowledge levels. You, being on a level higher relatively to the challenge -makes solutions easier, you - being on a level below, makes it more challenging. Are you ready to be uncomfortable for sake of self-mastery? Meet the challenge where it’s at, and then keep rising.

The response - ability that you have is in learning. Having the ability to learn will open up the doors you never knew existed. Your learning ability is what gets you wherever you wish to be. Ignorance, yet again, remains a choice.

Another very important reference to our equality, is that we are equal in our ability to contribute. No matter how great or small, we all have roles to play. In times these roles will change.

Don’t bother doing other people’s work for them. Allow them their growing pains, and free will.

Being a part of community in which we are all equal in our worth, doesn’t mean that our responsibilities will be the same. We may very well sit at the same table, but the amount of food we eat will always vary. It’s important to remember that there’s plenty to go around for every mouth to be fed, as long as our rights are equal. But when it comes to respecting our resources, let the people eat for the food will go to waste. I am not talking of the world of the hungry. We need those who are stronger to lift the heavier weights, and we need to support our mutual strengths.

If you are great then be great. Don’t downplay your strengths or those of others. What it means to achieve mastery? What it means to be humble?Dimming your light doesn't serve the world. Tearing others down, neither. At least not the world we are trying to build.

Leave more responsibility to those who have matured in their wisdom, and be grateful for the hand that lifts off your burdens as you continuously grow. You can never fill up someone else’s shoes, nor you are meant to. Be grateful for their service and contribution, but don’t make them an authority.

Respecting your limitations, can become a clear reference to your zone of comfort. Honor where you’re at and strive beyond.




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