Shadow of the Twin Flame

2 min readJul 22, 2021


On a twin flame journey a lot of people want to manipulate the Universe to get their way, drag another person into a relationship — — so they “work on themselves” but given that all that “work” they do is actually coming from wanting to control the outcome, to obtain something that’s being denied to them, thinking if they work a little harder it will “pay off”

“Look at me, I’m healing, now you can give me what I want “

but the very fact that they’re doing it out of core wounds and for wrong purpose ( not out of actually wanting healing for healing sake and self development — — which would be based in self love — ughhhh… HUGE difference!! ) is saying that their efforts are a form of bypassing, because they’re focused on the wrong thing to begin with -

and then end up being manipulated by people who use that tendency for personal gain — why? Because manipulating Universe is always done exclusively for personal gain, and in this case becomes an attractive force given that they choose practitioners on the same wavelength.

They like anyone who will validate their beliefs that if they work hard enough, they will get to recover their relationship instead of recovering from the loss of the relationship, that may in fact never be recovered.

(and God forbid someone should suggest otherwise)

Let me break it down for you: You can love someone a whole lot, and still lose that relationship for good.

& so these self serving coaches, are directly in resonance with one’s own dynamic, mirroring that manipulative inner intention based in core wounds.

“Little Mermaid” Disney

This is possible and fairly easy due to another inner narrative “I need to work hard for affection and acceptance” so “If I am not loved, i am clearly not trying hard enough”

And so they are putting in their best efforts into all sorts of spiritual practices, because they’re unwilling to give up on the true cause of their suffering.

People are only deceived when they are prone to self deception. And collectively, we’ve made suffering seem so romantic that this became very easy to do.

Anything that we are truly meant to have is always readily available and freely given.

True Twin flame relationship is a form of Grace — a Gift. As such it is bestowed upon you without you having to undo yourself to get it.




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