Where’s the substance?

3 min readAug 22, 2021


One of reasons why it’s so important for me to be all in and out there with songwriting & music, as well as my artwork and my brand in general -

It’s because that’s my way of showing up for my clients.

Showing up for myself, going after my goals, pushing through my comfort zone — is a statement that I expect from myself no less than I am advising them to do.

I don’t hide behind my fancy pictures or numbers in sales,

I put myself out there with every published song,

With gathering people around significant common goals,

With setting up my online store on OmegaPoint today, even though it’s not something I’ve done before. I grow over the discomfort and get it done.

I not only want to go after my goals because they’re fun,

Or tell others they should go after their goals,

I want people to SEE me going after my goals,

By actually going after them every step of the way.

I want people to listen to my songs on the radio and KNOW — I did it. I want them to see my artwork and me developing my brand and know that I’ve invested in myself. That I believe in myself just as much as I believe in them.

I actually frigging did it. I put my work and talent to a good purpose and my money where my mouth is.

These aren’t words. These aren’t “inspirational quotes” going from mouth to mouth and meme to meme.

You can’t fake talent, skills, nor substance, nor substantial results. When they are showing, they don’t really need to be talked about all that much.

That’s how the work SHOWS. It is not a big secret, no carrot on a string.

Anyone can get their hands on fancy clothes and a camera. Nice interiors and exteriors are fully available to all. Filters, photoshop, all you want. I can tell you any fairy tale story from top of my head, too. I just don’t see value in it, other than pure entertainment.

I’m in show business, and I have a wicked sense of humor, but my services are valuable because I actually go through the process, instead of going around bragging how well I have it.

In fact, the more I get to do, the more challenges I face. I love it every step of the way. I love what I do. But it ain’t always easy. Easy is for people who prefer to stay on a certain level, because every new level has new challenges. Let no one tell you otherwise. But it’s extremely rewarding.

So… Where’s the ACTUAL work?

I’m not impressed by an envelope, and I don’t think anyone else should be either.

I AM HEALING MY LIFE FIRST. So when people get in healing session with me, they see MY RESULTS first. They see what I choose to create, what I am able to create, and how far I am willing to go outside of my comfort zone — in form of implemented action.

I could talk about my achievements all day, but that ain’t the point.

I don’t care about how much sense someone makes in their live streams, when they are all talk.

Where’s the substance?




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