Why “holistic” approach to healing?

2 min readFeb 17, 2021

The main reason why I chose to call my work “holistic” and energy healing “quantum” is because these two terms incorporate more than any individual component into perspective and practice.

Holistic approach not only integrates variety of skills, fields and angles,

but by being so, also treats consciousness as a UNIFIED WHOLE.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

So when we come into session, you’re not just your Mind, your Emotions, your Body, your Work, Relationships

just as much your Body wouldn’t be just your Heart, Liver, Lungs, Brain or Feet.

Your Wholeness can only be seen (and therefore treated) from perspective of Wholeness, and this means Fragmentation AS Integration, Correlation and Connection.

“Mindset”, for example is the most Mainstream Trend in Life Coaching and Business coaching. “Get your Mind -Set” …If you want Abundance, Success, Health and so on… they say.

And since so many people identify with their Mind (Instead of their Wholeness)… this message, however misleading, resonates.

You’d be surprised how many people feel disconnected from their Bodies. Who can relate to this?

You’d also be surprised how complex we are in design. Some people focus on 7 chakra system, some on 22, but do you have any idea how complex the structure of each chakra is?

Do you have any idea of Sacred Geometry being embedded in our subtle bodies?

People scratch the surface for “3d eye opening” and “enlightenment” and “conspiracy theories” when really they live in absolute oblivion of just how much more there is to uncover and learn.

The very focal “isolation” of 3d Eye chakra associated with the Mind, is a testimony of how blind humanity is to everything else. This is fragmentation, selective acceptance and pursuit. Obsession with one single fragment of truth, and attaching a meaning to it — that it will provide all the answers.

When really “All of the answers” are seen from Perspective of wholeness. We can get all of the answers until all of the questions have been asked.




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