Your Twin Flame is so delicious — but why?

Let’s face it — we would never be going through this excruciating process, if Universe hadn’t bribed us with such a delicious treat. Even more so, it is in the nature of our conditioning to put up resistance to healing.

So it says something like “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted………

………….Buuuuuuuuuuuuut! I need you to do something for me first.”

You might think it’s crazy to believe that such a mighty abundant Universe should make such requests, that it would even have to ask for anything. Still, it’s all about co-creation, about needing each other, about everything being connected in an infinite cycle. If you think about it, it’s not really asking for anything outside of itself, either. And this is how it all begins.

What it really means — you have to evolve, and you have to evolve hard. There is a level of mastery required. But that’s not all. You are also being generous with your skills and awareness, to make this change so significant that it makes a difference in the collective. energy field. So, the Universe is offering you a fair trade — “You do something for me, and I do something for you — and everyone is happy.” Would it not make sense, if we as beings enjoy being happy, that perhaps the Universe also enjoys the feeling of bliss? The highest good of all, is when everyone benefits.

The other side of that coin, is that the pain we are feeling inside of ourselves, as we are moving through these blockages, it’s also felt by and within the Universe — considering that we are something like cells inside of it. Just as our body is able to contain energy of pain inside of itself, we have been doing this same thing within the body of the collective. And who knows, perhaps one day we discover we are nothing but cells in some gigantic dudes body, and that’s like — God. LOL!

All jokes aside, when we embark on this journey, it is like we are literally healing one of our body cells at a time. As a collective, we are already so advanced scientifically, that we have information about our DNA being alive and aware, and also operating at our command. We found out, that our body is fully capable of healing itself. Now, imagine a body in which some cells are optimized, while others respond either with stimulation, either refuse to respond at all. What we normally do, is that we treat them. And the healthier we get, the easier it is to maintain our health in full capacity.

There are so many takes on Twin Flame journey, very descriptive in stages (some of them quite useful too!), and many divided opinions, which i think is understandable since we are pioneers in these matters. You can take this information as something, to perhaps help put into perspective some pieces of the puzzle you’ve already found. If not that, feel free to take it as just my personal experience.

It might not seems like that at first, but Twin Flame is all about team work. Which is why were advised to look past of what’s going on in 3D. But, if we were to look at third dimensional reality just a bit closer, we would be able to see the connection between each event and encounter, that is actually highly beneficial and supportive of our growth and healing. It makes for the most beautiful and precise orchestration in every aspect. It truly is like a symphony in which every tone fits the melody gracefully, each having a place and purpose of it’s own. Each contributing to the overall structure of composition. This goes beyond the couple. The Union is an entity in it’s own right, but as it is essentially the Union with Divine, the Union includes support from the Divine in all ways and through all channels. The couple, of course can do a lot of good by staying together, because I find that, If there is such a desire — to suppress or go against it, would be in misalignment with the bliss, we spoke of earlier. What cruel Universe or God, would create a desire just to condemn — itself?


Desire is necessary, because we need to be fueled with motivation to endure this jolly ride. It’s surely not for the faint of heart. We need our will activated, our drive — and we do that through sense of purpose, that we don’t yet fully understand, because to us — it’s all about getting back with the one that makes our heart race. And we race until the end, because not being with them is inauthentic to our being. See, Twin Flame as a term — is not a substitute for the real feeling. I’ve learned that the hard way, because i’ve made so many mistakes in trying to find mine, when i deluded myself about how i truly felt with others.

If you’d ask me what it is about? It’s about giving into Love with all you’ve got like it’s not making any sense. Loving that real, messy human with a Godly compassion and acceptance. It’s about loving them in times of their suffering when they are not able to be at their best, setting aside all the judgement and hurt they maybe causing themselves, and you in the process. It could even be said that your Twin, while facing challenges, mirrors the Highest qualities of Divine Love within you. It defies rationality and logic. It is a miracle, but only because it’s the realest thing ever. It’s substantial. It will be clear and intense within your emotional reality, and this will ultimately dictate the course of your action. All you have to do is get in touch with your feelings and trust them. Trust that Love you feel on the Soul level — is not meant to betray you. Fear is not the ultimate reality. In fact, initial fear itself can be the sign that it matters. It’s completely another thing, that we have adopted this notion, that love equals pain — which is why the fear takes over the drivers seat, when your Twin decides to press the gas pedal.

Unfortunately, the pain is already there. Or should we say — fortunately? If there wasn’t for pain, there would be no place for wonder either. We wouldn’t really get the chance to take on this journey, and watch this symphony embedded in flesh and bone. Dancing through the seasons change.

Let me give you another perspective on the journey, though.

We took this notion that one partner is more spiritually aware and ready, while the other is caught off guard and unprepared. As much as this journey can get overwhelming, I don’t really find one to be less equipped than the other. After all, they are two aspects of same Soul essence. They are just equipped to do different things, for a common purpose. It seems like one partner is supposed to remain “unconscious” for a while longer, so that the other, more “aware” could perform the operation of removing energy clusters and reprogram any fear based programs that we have been carrying for centuries. The more blockages are being removed, the more space it leaves for awareness.

For that reason, desire is not the only motivator, obviously. All these arising feelings and fear included, are making things possible — because they are propelling energies further into motion, so that the scenery would be played out. As in regular theater, no one is supposed to be aware of what’s going on in the background. If you crack the trick, it stops being magic. One thing is undeniable though — this Universe is full of tricks. And of course, this is more or less the experience we all have, not just as Twins but as individuals, since we cannot be fully conscious of our experiences, until they have come to pass. Experiences are only clearly understood in retrospect, rather as parts of the whole than as isolated details.

So it’s not really, that the other one is less wise or evolved, it’s just a matter of chosen purpose, that set’s a scene play in which both of them take on certain roles, and specifically — one of the patient and a surgeon. Essentially it’s what we define as mirroring. One that performs the operation has to be able to remain stable on the Higher ground, and follow the course accordingly to a general intention, which is the highest good of all collective. Listen to the call of Love and follow it in full trust, which may seem blindly, but faith is truly anything, but blind.

It’s difficult to define who has it harder, but knowing what my Twin has been going through, just so that I could do what I was meant to — opens up entirely different perspective, not only in relation to our journey, but to overall Twin Flame experience. We both got lucky, because we were given amazing companions to support us, along with many useful tools to reach a fairly quick resolution. Team work for the win! Still I have to say, to all those who are still going through this or will in the future, how important it is to preserve compassion, because opening up these kind of emotional wounds is can be agonizing. Even more so, for our Divine Masculine counterparts, who are not precisely working with the emotional energy, this is the domain in which Divine Feminine has a vast advantage.

Nonetheless, I consider Divine Masculine to be a highly advanced in their awareness, even if their wisdom comes from a different place. And maybe not too different, as they are at all times able to channel divine guidance, without having to understand its purpose at the time. There were many things said to me by my Twin, making a significant difference in my discernment about what I was going through. Sometimes it seems to me that he was more aware than I was. Beautiful and wise Soul. I believe we are meant to open up a pathway to trust. Trust ourselves, and them — as they are us. It’s also becoming your most authentic self and honoring that.

If you look closely, you will notice another important thing — the more you love yourself, the easier it will be to love your Divine counterpart.

Be gentle. Be kind.

That’s all.

A virtual haven, for everyone and anyone to get lost in — or find themselves.

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A virtual haven, for everyone and anyone to get lost in — or find themselves.

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